Friday Night Lights

The saying goes , I’d rather be his Sunday morning than Saturday night .. or something like that… but Friday’s have always been my thing…

They have changed, dramatically.  Why would I want it any other way?

It begins and ends with her .. a little smile , a tiny nose… a willingness to explore our city at night. A wailing about of arms as she heads for the door. A parka being forced over her head.

Every new sound and flash of light is met with a squeal of happiness and excitement. We live for the vibrance , the noise , knowing that we live on the surface of our cities pulse.

Hearts racing we mission from pizza spot to gelato cafes.  Dropping into Pakistani shops in high tops. She’s just a year , already running the neighborhood.

Traffic lights, pavements , an array of take outs, mountain backdrops and the sea on our doorstep …

This is what it means to me .. raising Alaïa as , no white picket fence needed.


Her face when you ask her what she wants to eat.. in a city flooding with options


If I have to look at another menu..


Any excuse to pull out a leopard print coat and make it a night to remember


What to do, where to eat, hustle and bustle Sea Point streets


A dinner date like none we’ve had before. Ally in tow, crumbs off the ground, squashing between seats.


Captured by: Ghouthia Toffa

Ally’s jacket and hat: H&M

Mama: RE:DEMIN @ Woolworths




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