Why The City Mom ?

I’m not sure when my awareness of “growing up and living in the city’” set in. I do know that when it did, the realization that I was living a life different to friends and family in more suburban areas came around I became obsessed with comparing lifestyles. It was small things that intrigued me. My daily activities meant strolls to ‘town’, familiarizing myself with big, busy streets, trips to the Waterfront and the Sea Point pavilion- things most people only did on weekends or holidays. On the other hand when I slept over or visited a friend in the “burbs” I would envy their space- gardens, easy access braai areas, quiet surroundings and parking! It seems only natural to then, as a parent, look at life from the perspective of a “city mom” living in the concrete jungle, trying to find ways to live a white picket fence life in a place that has no room for white picket fences.


The more I’m “becoming a mom” (yes this is a process that develops daily) the more I see how creative I have to be with A.) Finding space for Ally to play. B.) Making a really small house an adventure filled home C.) Visiting places in a city that helps us escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. All hail Mother Nature! She has blessed us with a place so rich in natural wonder and beauty making my aforementioned missions an absolute breeze. Looking out of my kitchen window is Cape Town’s guardian angel -Table Mountain. Although I have yet to take Ally on a hiking adventure, Cape Town CBD offers us wonderful nooks and crannies around town just bursting with lush, greeny foliage. So just as I’m about to pass out after filling my lungs with traffic fumes a five-minute drive to Deer Park provides welcome relief.


Of course the highlight of life in the CBD has to be the even shorter drive to world-renowned beachfronts. If things get too hot in hurr a swim in the Atlantic gives us goose bumps and happy bubbles. Ally finds the key to her heart just sitting in the sand picking out the tiniest fragments of shell (because of course whole, big shells are just not cool enough SMH.) It’s a beautiful life, simple pleasures come easily and despite so many negative things usually associated with life in a city I’ve decided to make the best out of every hand I‘ve been dealt. While it would be a dream to have more meters squares to my name- right now it’s just not possible.


And this is how I will progress as The City Mom. Finding natural wonders when the streets get too much and then seeking refuge and protection in the streets and amongst the tall buildings when the air gets too fresh I almost begin to breathe. It’s the best of both worlds and I’m raising Alaia in it.


Mrs Mom

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