Pregnant with a chance of baby…

Baby Incoming

Pregnant with a CHANCE the operative word here being chance. It’s easy to assume that everything in life is given, that when it comes to the extraordinary vehicles of our bodies we have the ultimate control. We’re prescribed a pill for this a doctor for that and essentially we forget about other, greater forces at play.  Pregnancy and loss thereof has taught me otherwise.

The only person I am set out to comfort is my infant.

I would have to say that although Serpia, Juno, Clarendon etc. were filters I could use to alter the graphic representation of my life, behind the scenes of my pregnant and now post preggo life some things were going ape shxt. I coped/ cope? by being sarcastic, making fun of myself and using earthly material objects to distract myself because yes I ‘m a mom but foremost I am human. I lied for a few months before realizing that I was done comforting others. The only person I am set out to comfort is my infant.

…complete fulfillment served with a side of mental break downess…

It was in that profound realization that I decided to be a mom who would share with the world a slice of truth, her truth, in the pizza of life. I was pregnant with a chance of baby and now mommy-ing with a chance of happiness, complete fulfillment served with a side of mental break downess and you, are invited to watch it unfold one article at a time.

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  1. Fatiema says: Reply

    May you and Alaia have many memorable memories along the journey. InshAllah

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  3. Monique says: Reply

    I Truelly appreciate the honesty in your posts. There are too many of us that try to be perfect because mom’s before us pretend that they were perfect. It’s too much pressure pretending. I like this new style of mom’ing where it is ok for us to say “I don’t think I can do this today ” “I’m tired all the time” “how on earth are we gona survive??!” It’s sooooo normal everyone just hides it…good on you citymomdotcom 😊💪👍

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